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(Abbreviation or Acronym)

ABBREVIATIONS [Questions and Answers]:

Q. What do the following abbreviations stand for?
(i) DPSA (ii) EEC (iii) CARE (iv) CASTASIA (v) CAZRI
(U.P.P.C.S., 1996]

Ans.—(i) Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft (ii) European Economic Community (iii) Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere (iv) Conference on the Application of Science and Technology in Asia (v) Central Arid Zone Research Institute.

Q. Write full form of the following abbreviations?
(a) NABARD (b) CHOGM (c) IRDP (d) NAM (e) IFFCO (f) I (g) SWAPO (h) BHEL.

Ans.— (a) National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (b) Common Wealth Heads of Government Meet(c) Integrated Rural Development Programme (d) Non-Aligned Movement (e) Indian Farmers Fertilizer Corporation (f) Central Drug Research Institute (g) South West African Peoples Organization (h) Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited

Q. What do the following abbreviations stand for?
(i) ASCON (ii) ASSOCHAM (iii) AVARD (iv) CEERI (v) DOD

Ans.—Army Static Switched Communication Network (ii) Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (iii) Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development (iv) Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (v) Department o :ean Development.

Q. What do the following abbreviations stand for?
(i) ESCAP (ii) ESCES (iii) IDBI (iv) IDSA (v) INMAS
(SCRA Exam., 1996)

Ans,— (i) Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ii) Experimental Satellite Communication Earth station (iii) Industrial Development Bank of India (iv) Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (v) Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences.

Q. What do the following abbreviations stand for? (i) COPU(ii) EGS (iii) FASII (iv) TART (v) IASRI

Ans.— (i) Committee on Public Undertakings ( Parliament) (ii) Employment Guarantee Scheme (iii) Federation of Associations of small Industries of India (iv) Indian Agricultural Research Institute (v) Indian Agricultural Statistical Research Institute.

Q. What do the following abbreviations stand for? (i) IEA (ii) NCEP (iii) NABARD (iv) S.E.W.A.

Ans.— (i) International Energy Agency.
(ii) National Committee on Environmental Planning.
(iii) National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development.
(iv) Self Employed Women’s Association.

Q. What do the following abbreviations stand for?
(i) G.A.T.T. (ii) I.M.F. (iii) N.P.C. (iv) E.E.C. (v) S.O.S [Geologist Exam., 1990]

Ans.— (i) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades.
(ii) International Monetary Fund.
(iii) National Productivity Council.
(iv) European Economic Community.
(v) Save our Soul-Distress Signal.

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(Abbreviation or Acronym)

Acronym / AbbreviationFull form
A.A.Automobile Association
A.A.F.Auxiliary Air Force
A.AP.S.O,Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organisation
A.A.R.R.O.Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization
A.A.S.F.Asian Amateur Swimming Federation
A.B.C.( Warfare)Atomic, Biological and Chemical (Warfare)
A.B.U.Asian Pacific-Broadcasting Union
A.C.Alternating Current; Ashoka Chakra
A.C.U.Asian Clearing Union
A.D.Anno Domini; of the Christian Era
A.D.B.Asian Development Bank
A.D.E.Aeronautical Development Establishment
A.D.G.E.S.Air Defence Ground Environment System
A.E.C.Atomic Energy Commission
A.G.F.Asian Games Federation
A.G.O.C.Asian Games Organising Committee
A.H.Q.Air Head Quarters; Army Head Quarters
A.I.C.C.All India Congress Committee
A.I.D.Agency for International Development
A.I.I.M.S.All India Institute of Medical Sciences
A.I.L.T.A.All India Lawn Tennis Association
A.I.N.E.F.All India Newspapers Employee’s Federation
A.I.Q.E.All India Organization of Employers
A.I.T.U.C.All India Trade Union Congress
A.M.ante meridian; (before noon)
A.M.C.Army Medical Corps
A.M.I.E.Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers
A.N.C.African National Council
A.N.Z.U.S.Australia, New Zealand and US. (Council)
A.O.P.E.C.Arab Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
A.P.C.Agricultural Prices Commission
A.P.H.L.C.All Parties Hill Leader’s Conference
A.R.F.ASEAN Regional Forum
A.S.E.A.N.Association of South East Asian Nations
A.S.W.Anti-Submarine Warfare
A.S.R.B.Agricultural Services Recruitment Board
A.T.S.Applications Technology Satellite; Anti-Tetanus Serum
A.V.A.R.D.Association Qi Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development.
A.V.S.M.Ati Vishist Seva Medal
B.A.Bachelor of Arts; British Academy
B.A.R.C.Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
B.B.C.British Broadcasting Corporation
B.C.Before Christ
B.C.C.L.Bharat Coking Coal Limited
B.C.G.Bacillus Calmette Guerin— (Anti-Tuberculosis Vaccine)
BENELUXBelgium, Netherlands and Luxernburg— (a Customs Union)
C.M.P.D.l.L.Central Mines Planning and Design Institute Ltd.
C.O.F.E.P.O.S.A.Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act
B.H.V.P.Bharat Heavy and Vessels Plates
B.I.S.Bank of International Settlements
B.N.P.Bangla Desh Nationalist Party
B.O.A.CBritish Overseas Airways Corporation
B.P.E.Bureau of Public Enterprises
B.R.L.Bharat Refineries Limited
B.S.F.Border Security Force
B.S.S.Bharat Sewak Samaj; Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (News Agency)
B.Th.U.British Thermal Unit
CA.R.E.Co-operative for American Relief Everywhere
C.AS.Chief of Army Staff; Chief of Air Staff
CASTASIAConference on the Application of Science and Technology in Asia
CAZRICentral Arid Zone Research Institute
C.B.I.Central Bureau of Investigation; Central Bank of India
C.C.I.Cricket Club of India; Cement Corporation of India
CENTOCentral Treaty Organisation
C.F.R.I.Central Fuel Research Institute
C.G.S.Chief of the General Staff
C.I.A.Central Intelligence Agency (of U.S.A.)
C.I.D.Criminal Investigation Department
C.I.L.Coal India Limited
CIRDAPCentre for Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific
C.I.T.U.Centre of Indian Trade Unions
C.I.W.T.C.Central Inland Water Transport Corporation
C.L.R.C.Central Land Reforms Committee
C.M.A.L.Coal Mines Authority (of India) Limited
C.N.S.Chief of Naval Staff
C.P.I.Communist Party of India
C.S.I.R.Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
C.W.F.Consumer Welfare Fund
DADearness Allowance; Daily Allowance
D.A.E.Department of Atomic Energy
D.A.V.PDirectorate of Audio Visual Publicity
D.C.Direct Current; Deputy Commissioner
D.C.L.Doctor of Civil Law
D.D.A.Delhi Development Authority
D.D.T.Dichioro-Diphenyl Trichioro-ethane
D.L.O.Dead Letter Office, District Livestock Officer
D.M.District Magistrate
D.M.K.Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
D.N.A.De-oxyribonucleic acid
D.P.S.A.Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft
D.Sc.Doctor of Science
D.R.D.O.Defence Research and Deveioi5ment Organisation
E.A.R.C.Economic Administration Reforms Commission
E.C.A.European Co-operation Administration;
E.C.A.F.E.Economic Commission for Asia and Far East
E.C.I.L.Electronics Corporation of India Limited
E.C.M.European Common Market
ECOSOCEconomic and Social Council (U.N.)
E. C. U.European Currency Unit
E.E.C.European Economic Community
E.F.T.A.European Free Trade Association
e.g.Exempli-gratia (for example)
E.G.I.Editors Guild of India.
E. & O.EErrors and Omissions Excepted
ex-officioBy virtue of one’s office
E.R.D.A.Energy Research and Development Administration
E.R.T.S.Earth Resources Technology Satellite
E.S.A.European Space Agency
E.S.C.A.PEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
E.S.R.O.European Space Research Organisation
EURATOMEuropean Atomic Energy Community
E.W.S.Economically Weaker Sections
F.A.C.T.Fertilizers and chemicals, Travancore Ltd.
F.A.O.Food and Agriculture Organisation
F.B.I.Federal Bureau of Investigation
F.C.I.Food Corporation of India ; Fertilizer Corporation of India
F.I.C.C.I.Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
F.I.U.Field Intelligence Unit
F.E.R.A.Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.
F.L.S.I.Friends of India Society International
F.R.G.Federal Republic of Germany
F.P.S.Foot-Pound-Second (System)
F.R.C.P.Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
F.R.C.S.Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
F.T.I.l.Film and Television Institute of India
G.A.T.TGeneral Agreement on Tariffs And Trade
G.D.R.German Democratic Republic (East Germany)
G.M.T.Greenwich Mean Time
G.N.P.Gross National Product
G.J.C.General Insurance Corporation
G.S.I.Generalized Scheme of Preferences
G.S.T.P.Global System of Trade Preferences
H.A.C.Hindustan Aluminium Corporation
H.A.D.P.Hill Area Development Project
H.A.L.Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
H.O.T.Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
H.E.S.H.High Explosive Squash Head (Anti-tank shell)
H.L.C.Humanitarian Law Commission
H.M.T.Hindustan Machine Tools
H.U.D.C.O.Housing and Urban Development Corporation
I.A.A.I.International Airport Authority of India
I.A.D.F.International Agricultural Development Fund
I.A.E.C.International Atomic Energy Commission
I.A.S.Indian Administrative Service
I.A.T.A.International Air Transport Association
I.B.R.D.International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
I.B.W.L.Indian Board of Wild Life
I.C.A.O.International Civil Aviation Organisation
I.C.A.R.Indian Council of Agricultural Research
I.C.C.International Cricket Conference
I.C.F.T.U.International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
I.C.I.C.I.Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
I.C.J.International Court of Justice
I.C.D.S.Integrated Child Development Services
I.U.P.L.Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited
I.D.A.International Development Association
I.E.A.International Energy Agency
I.F.W.JIndian Federation of Working Journalists
I.F.P.R.I.International Food Policy Research Institute
I.L.O.International Labour Organisation
I.L.P.I.C.Industrial Licensing Policy Inquiry Committee
I.M.F.International Monetary Fund
I.M.C.O.Inter-governmental Maritime Consultative Organization
I.N.S.A.Indian Natural Science Academy
I.N.R.W.F.Indian National Railway Worker’s Federation
I.N.M.A.S.Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences
I.O.C.International Olympic Committee
I.P.A.integrated Programme of Action (for Regional Cooperation between seven South Asian Countries).
I.R.D.P.Integrated Rural Development Programme
I.S.R.O.Indian Space Research Organization
I.S.S.P.Indian Scientific Satellite Project
I.T.D.C.Indian Tourism Development Corporation
I .T.U.International Tele-Communication Union
I.W.Y.International Women’s Year

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