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Acronyms Abbreviations

Acronym / AbbreviationFull form
I.Y.C.International Year of the Child
I.YDP.International Year for Disabled Persons
JALJapan Air Lines
J.C.O.Junior Commissioned Officer
J.R.C.Joint Research Centre
KANUKenya African National Union
K.M.L.P.Kisan Mazdoor Lok Paksh
K.M.T.Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party)
L.B.W.Leg Before Wicket (in Cricket)
L.S.D.Lysergic acid Diethylamide
M.A.M.C.Mining and Allied Machinery Corporation
M.C.A.Monetary Compensatory Account
M.C.C.Marylebone Cricket Club (of England)
M.F.A.L.A.Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Laborers Agency
M.I.C.Monopolies Inquiries Commission
M.L.A.Member of the Legislative Assembly
M.L.C.Member of the Legislative Council
M.M.T.C.Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation
M.N.F.Mizo National Front
M.P.Member of Parliament
M.R.C.PMember of the Royal College of Physicians
MRTPCMonopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission
M.T.N.Multinational Trade Negotiation
M.V.C.Maha Vir Chakra
N.AB.National Apex Body
NABARDNational Bank for Agricultural and Rural Develoment.
N.A.E.P.National Adult Education Programme
NAFENNear and Far East News (Agency)
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration (of U.S.A.)
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NA YE.National Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs
N.B.C.C.National Building Construction Corporation
NCAERNational Council of Applied Economic Research
N.C.C.F.National Consumer Co-operative Federation
NCERTNational Council of Educational Research and Training
N.C.E.P.National Committee on Environmental Planning
N.C.D.C.National Coal Development Corporation
N.C.R.National Capital Region
NCSTNational Committee on Science and Technology
NDANational Defence Academy
N.F.D.C.National Film Development Corporation
NIDCNational Industrial Development Corporation
N.I.N.National Institute of Nutrition
NMDCNational Mineral Development Corporation
N.N.D.P.Naga National Democratic Party
N.P.T.(Nuclear) Non-Proliferation Treaty
NRSANational Remote Sensing Agency
N.S.U.I.National Students Union of India
N.T.C.National Taxtile Corporation
N.T.P.C.National Thermal Power Corporation
O.A.S.Organisation of American States
O.A.U.Organisation of African Unity
O.E.C.D.Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development
O.I.C.Organisation of Islamic Conference
O.I.L.Oil India Limited
O.N.G.C.Oil and Natural Gas Commission
O.P.E.C.Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
O.S.T.A.Ocean Science and Technology Agency
P.A.C.Public Accounts Committee; Provincial Armed Constabulary
PAFNAPan-African News Agency
P.C.C.Pradesh Congress Committee
P.D.F.Progressive Democratic Front
P.E.C.Projects and Equipment Corporation (of India Ltd.)
P.F.L.P.Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
P.I.B.Press Information Bureau, Public Investment Board
P.I.N.C.Postal Index Number Code
P.N.E.Peaceful Nuclear Explosion
P.O.w.Prisoner of War
P.S.C.Public Service Commission
P.T.A.Pilot less Target Aircraft
P.U.C.L.People’s Union for Civil Liberties
P.V.C.Param Vir Chakra
Q.E.DQuod Erat Demonstrandum (which was to be proved or demonstrated)
R.A.F.Rapid Action Force
R.B.I.Reserve Bank of India
RRR’ BombReduced Residual Radiation Bomb
R.S.C.B.Railway Sports Control Board
R.S.V.P.Respondez s’il vous plait (Fr.) reply if you please
S.A.A.R.C.South Asian Association for Regional Co—operation
S.A.B.A.South African Black Alliance
SAILSteel Authority of India Limited
SALTStrategic Arms Limitation Talks
S.C.Security Council/Supreme Court
SCOPEStanding Conference of Public Enterprises
S.D.R.Special Drawing Rights
S.E.A.T.O.South-East Asia Treaty Organization
S.F.A.L.A.Small Farmers and Agricultural Laborers Agency
S.F.D.A.Small Farmers Development Agency
S.G.F.I.School Games Federation of India
S.H.A.P.E.Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers in Europe
S.E.W.A.Self Employed Women’s Association.
S.I.S.Secret Intelligence Service (British)
SITESatellite Instructional Television Experiment
S.L.V.Satellite Launch Vehicle
SNIPESociety of National Institutes of Physical Education
S.O.G .A.T.Society of Graphical and Allied Trades
S.P.C.A.Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SUNFEDSpecial United Nations Fund for Economic Development
S.W.A.P.O.South-West African People’s Organisation
T.A.B.Technical Assistance Board
T.D.A.Trade Development Authority
TERLSThumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station
TELEXTeleprinter Exchange
T.F.A.I.Trade Fair Authority of India
T.T.F.I.Table Tennis Federation of India
TRYSEMTraining of Rural Youth for self—Employment
T.V.A.Tennese Valley Authority
T.W.A.Trans World Airlines
U.A.E.United Arab Emirates
U.A.N.C.United African National Council
U.A.R.United Arab Republic
U.F.OUnidentified Flying Objects
U.N.D.P.United Nations Development Programme
U.N.E F.United Nations Emergency Force
U.N.E.P.United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
U.N.I.United News of India
UNICEFUnited Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
U.N.I.D.O.United Nations International Development Organisation
U.N.I.F.I.L.United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
U.N.I.T.C.United Nations lnternatkrnal Trade Centre
UNLFUganda National Liberation Front
U.N.O.United Nations Organisation
U.N.P.United National Party (Sri Lanka)
U.P.S.C.Union Public Service Commission
U.S.S.R.Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
U.T.I.Unit Trust of India
V.C.Vice Chancellor; Victoria Cross
V.P.P.Value Payable Post
V.s.S.C.Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (at Thumba)
W.E.D.World Environment Day.
W.F.I.Wrestling Federation of India
W.F.P.World Food programme
W.F.T.U.World Federation of Trade Unions
W.H.O.World Health Organisation
W.M.O.World Meteorological Organisation
W.S.C.World Series Cricket
W.T.O.World Tourism Organisation/ World Trade Organisation
Y.M.C.A.Young Men’s Christian Association
Y.W.C.A.Young Women’s Christian Association
ZAPUZimbabwe African People’s Union
Z.S.Zoological Society
ZUPOZimbabwe United Peoples Organisation
A.E.W.Airborne Early Warning
A.I.D.S.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
B.V.O.Brominated Vegetable Oil
C.A.S.E.Commission for Additional Sources of Energy
C.A.P.A.R.T.Council for the Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology
C.F.L.Central Food Laboratory
C.I.S.Commonwealth of Independent States
COPRAConsumer Protection Act.
C-DOTCentre for Development of Telernatics
D.F.D.R.Digital Flight Data Recorder
E.S.M.A.Essential Services Maintenance Act
E.N.L.F.Eelam National Liberation Front
E.R.O.S.Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students
E.S.O.S.Employee’s Stock Option Scheme
E.U.R.E.C.A.European Research Co-ordinating Agency
G.S.T.P.Global System of Trade Preferences
G.B.ED.S.S.Ground Based Electro-optical Deep Space Surveillance
G.S.O.M.I.A.General Security of Military Information Agreement
G.N.L.F.Gorkha National Liberation Front
I.C.D.S.Integrated Child Development Services
I.D.R.C.International Development Research Centre
I.F.C.I.Industrial Finance Corporation çí India
I.G.N.O.UIndira Gandhi National Open University
INFACTIndian Federation Against Copyright Act
I.R.E.D.A.Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency
MODVATModified Value-added Tax
N.A.G.P.Nutan Assam Gana Parishad
N.C.H.E.National Council on Higher Education
N.T.S.B.National Transport Security Board
P.L.O.T.E.People’s Liberation Organisation for Tamil Eelam
P.W.G.People’s War Group
R.I.T.A.Russion Information Telegraph Agency
S.A.I.Sports Authority of India
S.A.A.R.C.South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
S.C.A.R.A.B.Submerged Craft Assisting Repair and Burial
S.D.I.Strategic Defence Initiative
S.I.T.Special Investigating Team
T.D.C.Technology Development Council
T.N.V.Tripura National Volunteers
U.N.C.I.T.R.A.L.United Nations Commission of International Trade Law
U.N.F.P.A.United Nations Fund for Population Activities
U.N.I.K.O.M.United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission
U.N.I.S.P.A.C.E.United Nations Conference on Peaceful Uses of Space
UNSCOMUnited Nations Special Commission
V.L.B.IVery Long Baseline interferometry
V.O.I.C.E.The Voluntary Organisation in Interest of Consumer Education
W.I.L.L.Women’s Integrated Learning for Life
Z.B.B.Zero Based Budgeting

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